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PXE is a method of booting a device, to sum it up. It differs from most other methods, however, because it's done completly over the network, using no physical storage medium on the computer (less RAM). I document everything one needs (hopefully) to setup a PXE enviroment here, as outlined.


Generic Instructions to start

General Network (PXE) Booting - Get started!

OS-specific Instructions

Fedora Core - Info on how to PXE boot Fedora Core 10, but should pertain to FC1 through FC99 (in theory).

Knoppix - Info on how to PXE boot Knoppix 3.7, the popular linux livecd (now a live...network ISO!)

Debian - PXE boot the debian installer! Where isn't this useful?!

Windows 2003 - Use a driver to load the OS install components to memory, and PXE boot later Windows install.

Windows 7

Architecture-specific Instructions

Itanium - Info on how to PXE boot Itanium computers


PXE FAQ - The general PXE FAQ. Should answer a lot of the small stuff.

NFS-Root Information - All needed information on what your Linux kernel needs to use an NFS root.

PXE Glossary - A glossary of commonly-used terms in the context of PXE. custom writing paper

PXE Capable Hardware

PXE Capable Hardware - list of PXE capable hardware. This is by no means a complete list.

Misc PXE-Related Documents

Memtest86 - This provides general information on Memtest86.

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